Monday, May 17, 2010

What Rand Paul's Victory Means for Brooklyn

Rand Paul has been blitzing Kentucky in a Senate Primary race that is leaving his opponent, Trey Grayson, in the dust. A recent poll shows Rand 18 points ahead of his neoconservative counterpart.

With the Primary tomorrow, May 18th, we can expect Liberty to spread in another State of this slightly broken Union.

Brooklyn can learn a lot from Rand Paul and Kentucky. Rand Paul's victory will show us that liberty is contagious and neoconservatism has no place in a society longing for the actual minimization of government. While Democrats continue to operate New York City like a Keynesian, statist hub, Republicans in New York must realize two things:
1) The Tea Party is split between Ron Paul and Sarah Palin. Considering that Sarah Palin has the intelligence of a peanut and Ron Paul has the principles of Thomas Jefferson, it's quite clear that Ron Paul's Tea Party (which he started in 2007 by the way) is a message to follow and uphold.

2) Simply lowering taxes (or saying you want to) doesn't make you a Republican. State Senator Marty Golden, for example, thinks that helping the elderly and attempting to make New York a "safer" place to live distinguishes him from other candidates. No, these are normative statements that make you look as senile as John McCain trying to talk about "American values." Sorry, but no one cares about prerequisite stances on issues: safety should be *every* politician's priority, not just yours, Marty.

What Rand's Primary win is going to tell us is that people are simply "fed up" with... the Fed. Government has become too big, Neoconservative Republicans have utterly failed us, and people want deregulated markets to let their businesses thrive. "Don't steal; the government hates competition" is a message that is ringing through everyone's ears.

Don't be afraid to say you believe in Libertarian values. There is nothing wrong with liberty, deregulation, and transparency. Stand up and let your voice be heard. You're not alone.

- Thomas


  1. Does Brooklyn really have anything in common with Kentucky? I'd say Kentuckians value liberty much more then most brooklynites do. For a large chunk of Brooklyn voters their welfare check is way more important to them then their liberty. They are happy to be slaves to the state.

    I'd agree that a Paul victory tonight clearly says republicans are smarter then their leaders, but it doesn't tell us if libertarian candidates are able to win in the general election. If the democrat goes on to win in November, wouldn't that prove that Paul was the wrong candidate and maybe republicans should have gone with second best (Grayson) who can win rather then lose with Paul?



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- Thomas Jefferson