Thursday, May 27, 2010

If Only They Read a Book...

So the Brooklyn GOP has decided to sprout out another puppet "Club" to uphold the "rising stars" of the Brooklyn Republican Party. Rising stars like Gerry O'Brien, Craig Eaton, and Clorinda Annarummo. Rising stars that are experiencing a super nova, slowing imploding on themselves.

In the wake of the "Theodore Roosevelt Republican Club," I'm going to begin thrashing the Brooklyn GOP with one thesis: Theodore Roosevelt was not a Republican.

If they did their homework at all, if they understood history whatsoever, if they stopped the high school humor on their self-professed Hate Blog, they would understand that Teddy Roosevelt did not exhibit the principles of a true Republican. If anything, President Roosevelt represented the birth of the Progressive Movement.

Roosevelt was the same President who was dubbed, "Trust Buster." Why? Because he outlawed companies from forming trusts; this was not only a direct interference and regulation of the free market, but Roosevelt sought to make markets "fair" rather than "free." I thought Republicans were supposed to believe in small limited government?

This President also sent Union troops to protesting miners in 1902 and allowed Federal soldiers to open fire on the strike, killing several American citizens. Why? Because Teddy Roosevelt wanted Federal control over the coal industry... the same way Barack Obama wants control over the health industry.

After his defeat, President Roosevelt decided to start the "Bull Moose Party," and chose not to run again as a Republican. So as a big-government, Republican Party turncoat, the Brooklyn GOP has decided to name its very own club after this statist advocate.

You really don't have to go farther than the title to know that the Brooklyn GOP is completely off its rocker and literally has no clue as to what it is doing, what it wants to achieve, and how it wants to achieve it. They've become so desperate to rally supporters for their Hate-induced fanfare that they couldn't even look twice at who they're naming their clubs after.

Good job Brooklyn GOP. We commend you... for being the most illiterate and uneducated concoction of morons this great Borough has ever seen.

Let the Revolution take its toll. Let's remove these morons.

- Adam

Monday, May 17, 2010

What Rand Paul's Victory Means for Brooklyn

Rand Paul has been blitzing Kentucky in a Senate Primary race that is leaving his opponent, Trey Grayson, in the dust. A recent poll shows Rand 18 points ahead of his neoconservative counterpart.

With the Primary tomorrow, May 18th, we can expect Liberty to spread in another State of this slightly broken Union.

Brooklyn can learn a lot from Rand Paul and Kentucky. Rand Paul's victory will show us that liberty is contagious and neoconservatism has no place in a society longing for the actual minimization of government. While Democrats continue to operate New York City like a Keynesian, statist hub, Republicans in New York must realize two things:
1) The Tea Party is split between Ron Paul and Sarah Palin. Considering that Sarah Palin has the intelligence of a peanut and Ron Paul has the principles of Thomas Jefferson, it's quite clear that Ron Paul's Tea Party (which he started in 2007 by the way) is a message to follow and uphold.

2) Simply lowering taxes (or saying you want to) doesn't make you a Republican. State Senator Marty Golden, for example, thinks that helping the elderly and attempting to make New York a "safer" place to live distinguishes him from other candidates. No, these are normative statements that make you look as senile as John McCain trying to talk about "American values." Sorry, but no one cares about prerequisite stances on issues: safety should be *every* politician's priority, not just yours, Marty.

What Rand's Primary win is going to tell us is that people are simply "fed up" with... the Fed. Government has become too big, Neoconservative Republicans have utterly failed us, and people want deregulated markets to let their businesses thrive. "Don't steal; the government hates competition" is a message that is ringing through everyone's ears.

Don't be afraid to say you believe in Libertarian values. There is nothing wrong with liberty, deregulation, and transparency. Stand up and let your voice be heard. You're not alone.

- Thomas

No Turning Back II

It seems our racist friends at the Brooklyn GOP have come to terms with how stupid they really are. In lieu of our latest post, "No Turning Back," Gerry O'Brien, Clorinda Annarummo, and Craig Eaton have decided not to be racists anymore and become fans of the First Amendment.

Here's another picture for posterity:

Not only do I find it quite infantile that they dub their "fanbase" as "Jiggers," but "Free speech lives on here" is perhaps as laughable as Gerry O'Brien's weight or Clorinda Annarummo's GOP "leadership."

So with a new motto, the Brooklyn GOP is trying to win the "hearts and minds" of its fellow citizens. Through free speech, right? Guess again. Their little Hate Blog has undermined musicians such as Justin Lee Brannan for precisely what they are supposedly advocating for: free speech. Further demonstrating hypocrisy at its best, our little "Jiggers" have, on numerous occasions, ridiculed people for sexual orientation and self expression.

I remember, a long time ago, a Republican Party that actually believed in this thing called the Constitution. And in this little document Liberty and Freedom meant Liberty and Freedom. To represent the Republican Party today and publicly defame an individual on race, sexual orientation, or self-expression kind of makes you a statist and not a Republican.

To all my very good friends over at the Brooklyn GOP Hate Blog,
The change of your motto makes you look like an unprincipled fool shying away from a big mistake.
Your public defamation can get you sued.
And last but not least, Gerry O'Brien, Clorinda Annarummo, Craig Eaton, you have proven yourselves to be the most hypocritical, fascist members of society I have ever seen. Bashing gays and showing intolerance to an artist's freedom of speech goes above and beyond idiocy.
Congratulations, you guys have officially earned yourselves zero public legitimacy.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Corrupting the Youth

I recently came across a little tidbit from Xaverian High School about a Xaverian Young Republicans Club hanging out with State Senator Marty Golden. This is such a wonderful way of corrupting our youth that I don't think even Barack Obama can top.

I'm not entirely sure what's worse: Teaching youth how to share, or teaching youth how to buy your very own State Senate seat. In either case, wrong move.

This sounds almost as bad as the Brooklyn GOP trying to get "youth involved" with their party at their little "Rally Against Socialized Medicine" shindig and then becoming a self-professed hate blog that teaches kids how to become full fledged racists at the expense of people who actually give a damn about the communities they live in.

What's the Brooklyn GOP going to do next? Praise Scott Brown's latest stunt in not Auditing the Federal Reserve? They absolutely loved his election win. This is the same Senator who voted for a Democrat Jobs Bill, refused to go to his own state's Tea Party, and recently joined Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders in opposing Federal Reserve Transparency.

So while the Brooklyn GOP establishment continues to suck the life out of politics in general, now they enjoy prostituting to our youth.

Someone, please stop them.

- Adam

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

No Turning Back

As the Brooklyn GOP continues to delegitimize itself in the face of adversity, we see a new side to Craig Eaton, Clorinda Annarummo, et al.

An awfully unpopular GOP blog has this subheader valiantly emplaced on it's website:
"Wanna Join the Brooklyn GOP Hate Blog?"
Here's a picture of it for posterity:

So what does this tell us about the Brooklyn GOP? It has evidently gone mad. A political party, an entity that is supposed to uphold principles and fix government, has successfully prostituted itself into... a "hate blog"?


Is this how they want to be remembered as Republicans? The colloquial "leaders" of the Brooklyn GOP are essentially self-professing hate and malice to the people of Brooklyn. I don't care if you're a political party or an individual, I think it's abhorrent to publicly profess "hatred" or any kind to anyone. "Hate" is such a strong word to use in a such a fragile society and again, these Brooklyn GOP "leaders" have prostituted politics into malice.

Republicanism and conservatism at heart are the epitome of individualism, civil liberty, and societal tolerance. Read William F. Buckley's Flying High: Remembering Barry Goldwater, and George H. Nash's The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America. You'll find that both books recognize libertarianism as being the root and cornerstone of modern conservatism. Both of these writers were also conservative 'godfathers'. In fact, Nash's book begins: "Chapter 1: The Revolt of the Libertarians".

The point I'm trying to make here is that conservatism goes beyond mainstream blogging by GOP, hate-induced racists. Conservatism and Republicanism are philosophies and principles of governance. And now that the Brooklyn GOP's mantra is officially, "Brooklyn GOP Hate", then we, as concerned citizens should want nothing to do with an ignorant platform of degenerates destroying American values.

- George

Monday, May 3, 2010

Remove the Old Hacks

It's one thing to challenge a politician on policy but it's another thing to degrade them for a stereotype. I mean, it takes guts to poke fun of your own party members by calling them names.

What the Brooklyn GOP leaders have done recently was taken something so precious as governance and prostituted it to something power-hungry and pathetic. Clorinda Annarummo and Craig Eaton need to ask themselves one thing: "What did I do to deserve this?"

I think they did a lot. For one, take Roy Antoun's story. Did Clorinda tell Roy who his proxy would be voting for at the GOP County Convention? Did she tell Roy who was running against Craig Eaton? Did she even give Roy the option of sending a different proxy before the County Convention? Did Roy vote for Craig Eaton?

The answers are no, no, no, and HELL NO. Do you blame him? Why on earth would Roy Antoun vote for Craig after he realized the lies and deceit perplexed from the Brooklyn GOP-industrial complex. It would come to no surprise, then, why incumbent Craig Eaton won reelection. If all the proxies at the County Convention were gathered in this deceitful way, then it's no wonder why the same old neoconservative hacks get reelected. The stories are endless. Fabian Gambino, another County Committeeman was apparently threatened by Mr. Eaton for voting otherwise!

There's a fundamental difference between healthy debate and outlandish ridicule. Considering that GOP leaders in Brooklyn have resorted to the latter, their legitimacy within the party, let alone all of Brooklyn, has exponentially dwindled. In all seriousness, how can you take kindergarten humor seriously anyway? How can you take Clorinda and friends seriously anyway?

When kids like Fabian Gambino and Roy Antoun run for County Committee, the message is clear. There must be reform in order for true Republican principles to flourish. These kids, these poor college students ran because they clearly believed in something. They had no law firms to protect, no incumbent positions to sell their souls to; they're just genuine scholars of the political framework trying to make a difference.

What is laughable, however, is how the GOP (these old, so-called "experienced" hacks) are seeing 20-year-olds as their biggest threats! And good for them! The GOP needs some new blood- but it needs more than just these two kids, Roy and Fabian.

You, yes YOU reading this blog- get up and research County Committee. Gather a team together and protest something. Start you're own blog. You ARE the political framework. You ARE the Republic for which we stand. These are the basics of representative government; show you're angry and you're not gonna take it anymore! We can't just sit around and watch these people destroy the very notion of representation that our forefathers fought so hard to protect. There are hardly any Republican voters left in Brooklyn and it's all because of our old neoconservative hacks. YOU need to be the change in the Party.

I know there are conservatives out there- real conservatives who believe in small, limited government. End this nonsense. Get up and join the Brooklyn Revolution!

- Benjamin

What is a Republican in Brooklyn?

Politics isn't about power. Politics is the art of governance.

With Brooklyn receiving no Republican representation in City Council, it's easy to imagine what Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton is doing behind his desk, watching the party crumble. It's obvious the Republican Party is split nationwide and locally; however, what exactly is the best course of action?

Before we can answer that, the better question would be, "What exactly makes a Republican?" Not too long ago, being a Republican meant limiting government back to its Constitutional roots. It meant diplomatic peace and competent statecraft. The damage the Bush administration did to the image of the Republican Party goes unprecedented. This "neoconservative" belief that as long as the Republicans win and Democrats lose, everything will be ok has got to go.

Both Republicans and Democrats today have prostituted our governments locally and nationally. We have developed the "Republicrat"- just look at State Senator Marty Golden. Why has his seat been unmatched for so long? Why is his website so ambiguous?

A commenter on the Atlas Shrugs Blog had it right when he said,

Dear Marty Golden & Brooklyn GOP:

1) Expanding schools doesn’t make
you a Republican.
2) Cutting taxes doesn’t mean eliminating State-run
3) Being against crime doesn’t make you a Republican.
Helping seniors doesn’t make you a Republican.

Normative stances on
issues does not make you a Republican.
You’re a stain in the New York State

What is "Republican" about any of this? How does it limit government?

It doesnt. And the Brooklyn GOP publicaly endorsing a "Republican" candidate like Scott Brown doesn't help especially when Sen. Brown voted for a Democrat Jobs Bill and refused to attend his own Tea Party on Tax Day.

Craig Eaton, Clorinda Annarummo, and Marty Golden have a lot to prove to us in terms of their level of conservatism. Their petty blogs and silly propaganda have obvously taken the party nowhere if Republicans continue to lose election after election. It would also be nice if they ran actual conservatives as well.

They bicker and whine about money, money, money but people will not voluntarily donate to party that's as corrupt as the Obama Administration.

Right now, there are a handful of people leading the charge in the Brooklyn Revolution. Roy Antoun, a libertarian-minded blogger, and Jonathan Judge, President of the Brooklyn YRs, have been continuously challenging the status quo and fighting the good fight in the name of conservatism.

How are YOU going to change Brooklyn politics? How are YOU going to mobilize and transform our style of governance. The power is in the people's hands. The power is in the vote.

Get up, go out, and run for office or vote - on the virtue of principle.

As Thomas Jefferson once said, "In style, sway like the wind, in principle stand like a rock."