Monday, May 3, 2010

Remove the Old Hacks

It's one thing to challenge a politician on policy but it's another thing to degrade them for a stereotype. I mean, it takes guts to poke fun of your own party members by calling them names.

What the Brooklyn GOP leaders have done recently was taken something so precious as governance and prostituted it to something power-hungry and pathetic. Clorinda Annarummo and Craig Eaton need to ask themselves one thing: "What did I do to deserve this?"

I think they did a lot. For one, take Roy Antoun's story. Did Clorinda tell Roy who his proxy would be voting for at the GOP County Convention? Did she tell Roy who was running against Craig Eaton? Did she even give Roy the option of sending a different proxy before the County Convention? Did Roy vote for Craig Eaton?

The answers are no, no, no, and HELL NO. Do you blame him? Why on earth would Roy Antoun vote for Craig after he realized the lies and deceit perplexed from the Brooklyn GOP-industrial complex. It would come to no surprise, then, why incumbent Craig Eaton won reelection. If all the proxies at the County Convention were gathered in this deceitful way, then it's no wonder why the same old neoconservative hacks get reelected. The stories are endless. Fabian Gambino, another County Committeeman was apparently threatened by Mr. Eaton for voting otherwise!

There's a fundamental difference between healthy debate and outlandish ridicule. Considering that GOP leaders in Brooklyn have resorted to the latter, their legitimacy within the party, let alone all of Brooklyn, has exponentially dwindled. In all seriousness, how can you take kindergarten humor seriously anyway? How can you take Clorinda and friends seriously anyway?

When kids like Fabian Gambino and Roy Antoun run for County Committee, the message is clear. There must be reform in order for true Republican principles to flourish. These kids, these poor college students ran because they clearly believed in something. They had no law firms to protect, no incumbent positions to sell their souls to; they're just genuine scholars of the political framework trying to make a difference.

What is laughable, however, is how the GOP (these old, so-called "experienced" hacks) are seeing 20-year-olds as their biggest threats! And good for them! The GOP needs some new blood- but it needs more than just these two kids, Roy and Fabian.

You, yes YOU reading this blog- get up and research County Committee. Gather a team together and protest something. Start you're own blog. You ARE the political framework. You ARE the Republic for which we stand. These are the basics of representative government; show you're angry and you're not gonna take it anymore! We can't just sit around and watch these people destroy the very notion of representation that our forefathers fought so hard to protect. There are hardly any Republican voters left in Brooklyn and it's all because of our old neoconservative hacks. YOU need to be the change in the Party.

I know there are conservatives out there- real conservatives who believe in small, limited government. End this nonsense. Get up and join the Brooklyn Revolution!

- Benjamin


  1. Roy Antoun is definitely a leader. Running for County Committee at 20 is definitely something

  2. Yea, to have to work with those idiots who call themselves "Republicans" has to be a chore

  3. Clorinda IS a hack!May 3, 2010 at 9:12 PM

    Anyone notice how Fabian and Roy really have been in the GOP cross hairs? They're a thorn in their side and for good reason.

  4. Welcome to our world!
    We the Republican people of Brooklyn will not stand idly by and let our party's principles and ideals be sold out by evil, malicious hacks who ACCOMPLISH NOTHING!
    Their deals are done, our time has come!

  5. Good for Roy. We really do need more people to run against these morons.

  6. Aside from the blogs that have arisen in the past year, Roy Antoun, Jonathan Judge, and the Brooklyn YR's in general have been an amazing impetus for growth and reform in our party. When you look at the Brooklyn GOP establishment and then you look at the Brooklyn YR's, the choice is clear: the youngsters have the moral high ground.


"Every generation needs a new revolution."
- Thomas Jefferson