Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Corrupting the Youth

I recently came across a little tidbit from Xaverian High School about a Xaverian Young Republicans Club hanging out with State Senator Marty Golden. This is such a wonderful way of corrupting our youth that I don't think even Barack Obama can top.

I'm not entirely sure what's worse: Teaching youth how to share, or teaching youth how to buy your very own State Senate seat. In either case, wrong move.

This sounds almost as bad as the Brooklyn GOP trying to get "youth involved" with their party at their little "Rally Against Socialized Medicine" shindig and then becoming a self-professed hate blog that teaches kids how to become full fledged racists at the expense of people who actually give a damn about the communities they live in.

What's the Brooklyn GOP going to do next? Praise Scott Brown's latest stunt in not Auditing the Federal Reserve? They absolutely loved his election win. This is the same Senator who voted for a Democrat Jobs Bill, refused to go to his own state's Tea Party, and recently joined Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders in opposing Federal Reserve Transparency.

So while the Brooklyn GOP establishment continues to suck the life out of politics in general, now they enjoy prostituting to our youth.

Someone, please stop them.

- Adam

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