Open Message to Brooklyn GOP

Dear incompetent officers of the Brooklyn GOP,

We find your presence in Brooklyn politics repulsive and vile at best. The current Party Chairman, Craig Eaton, has done literally nothing to build up the party. Rather, he twiddles his thumbs with Mayor Bloomberg, raking in hordes of cash from a technocrat who isn't even a Republican. 

We're glad that we're not the only Reformist blog on the web. It goes to show you, and the rest of the establishment, how deeply hated and flawed you truly are. If you put half the effort on fixing the Republican Party as you did undermining real Republican candidates, perhaps you wouldn't be in this predicament right now. 

You give Seth Low a bad name, you're a disgrace to good Republicans in all of New York State, and you run the Brooklyn GOP like a glorified Soviet gulag. 

Cease and Desist,
The Revolutionaries who adore being the thorn in your side.