Thursday, May 27, 2010

If Only They Read a Book...

So the Brooklyn GOP has decided to sprout out another puppet "Club" to uphold the "rising stars" of the Brooklyn Republican Party. Rising stars like Gerry O'Brien, Craig Eaton, and Clorinda Annarummo. Rising stars that are experiencing a super nova, slowing imploding on themselves.

In the wake of the "Theodore Roosevelt Republican Club," I'm going to begin thrashing the Brooklyn GOP with one thesis: Theodore Roosevelt was not a Republican.

If they did their homework at all, if they understood history whatsoever, if they stopped the high school humor on their self-professed Hate Blog, they would understand that Teddy Roosevelt did not exhibit the principles of a true Republican. If anything, President Roosevelt represented the birth of the Progressive Movement.

Roosevelt was the same President who was dubbed, "Trust Buster." Why? Because he outlawed companies from forming trusts; this was not only a direct interference and regulation of the free market, but Roosevelt sought to make markets "fair" rather than "free." I thought Republicans were supposed to believe in small limited government?

This President also sent Union troops to protesting miners in 1902 and allowed Federal soldiers to open fire on the strike, killing several American citizens. Why? Because Teddy Roosevelt wanted Federal control over the coal industry... the same way Barack Obama wants control over the health industry.

After his defeat, President Roosevelt decided to start the "Bull Moose Party," and chose not to run again as a Republican. So as a big-government, Republican Party turncoat, the Brooklyn GOP has decided to name its very own club after this statist advocate.

You really don't have to go farther than the title to know that the Brooklyn GOP is completely off its rocker and literally has no clue as to what it is doing, what it wants to achieve, and how it wants to achieve it. They've become so desperate to rally supporters for their Hate-induced fanfare that they couldn't even look twice at who they're naming their clubs after.

Good job Brooklyn GOP. We commend you... for being the most illiterate and uneducated concoction of morons this great Borough has ever seen.

Let the Revolution take its toll. Let's remove these morons.

- Adam

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