Monday, July 5, 2010

Gerry O'Brien Is a Sad Excuse for Political Consulting

The question begs, for the millions of revolutionaries that make this blog the undisputed leaders in Kings County Republican Politics.

The question begs, why wasn't the previous sentence phrased into a question?

The question begs, why is the Kings County Republican Party paying thousands of dollars to a political consultant who has worked with Democrats to undermine the same party he receives money from?

The question begs, why did two-time loser Bob "I'm a sellout" Capano hire Gerry O'Brien to make his website?

The question then begs, is that why Bob "I'm a sellout" Capano lost his City Council race?
Of course it is.

The question begs, why does Craig Easton comment 53 times over on his own Hate Blog posts? Or maybe he hired Gerry O'Brien to do it? Of course he did.

Remove the party hacks.

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