Thursday, July 15, 2010

More Shame From the Brooklyn GOP

The ignorance of the Brooklyn GOP Hate Blog:

The question begs, why is the Brooklyn GOP hate blog trying so hard?

The question begs, this Hate Blog needs to advertise a WARNING on their website, but why?

Unlike the Hate Blog, we will answer our own questions posed and will also provide substance in our arguments and not post arbitrary crap for the heck of it.

The question begs, who are the Jig's authors?
Clorinda Annarummo, of course. Craig Eaton, of course. Gerry O'Brien, of course. Who else would start a blog to undermine the Reformers other than those immediately threatened by those very reformers?

By the way, Craig, Google CAN take down your Hate Blog; you ARE using a Google service.
The question begs, you're really dumb with money, but can you really be that stupid with a blog?

The question begs, what do you mean by free speech, Craig?
We've received numerous reports of your "free speech" blog deleting comments by those challenging your idiocy.

The question begs, what legitimate political blog needs to warn its "readers" (all 5 of them)?

The question begs, what legitimate political blog has a "douchebag poll"? That's very unprofessional of you, Craig, don't you think?

Craig Easton Eaton,
If you were a competent Chairman yourself, you would seek about removing this Hate Blog.
But you have made no effort in removing it.
Which is why we're certain you're behind it.
The same way you have made no effort in building the party.
The party has been falling behind.
You are a shameful human being.

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