Friday, June 11, 2010

Still Not A Republican: How the Brooklyn GOP's Latest Move Is a Laugh In Your Face

I recently found an interesting article about why Theodore Roosevelt is considered what Glenn Beck would call a "Progressive" rather than a true conservative. Thomas E. Woods, author of Meltdown, wrote this piece on TR. Woods writes,
This was the kind of energy and vigor that Theodore Roosevelt brought to his office and that he used to promote his distinct philosophy of the presidency. “There inheres in the presidency more power than in any other office in any great republic or constitutional monarchy of modern times,” Roosevelt once remarked. But far from deploring this state of affairs, he went on to say, “I believe in a strong executive; I believe in power.”
This is disheartening for any Republican who has to live knowing that the new or "reemerged" Theodore Roosevelt Republican Club of Brooklyn is named after the same President who called himself a Republican but deliberately chose to invest so much centralized power into once branch of government.

I'm almost certain that Republicans are supposed to be for limited government, not the expansion of government power. And for some reason, certain Republicans believe it's ok when they operate bloated bureaucracies but it's not ok when Democrats do the same exact thing. This is what I like to call "unprincipled politics" and that is precisely what the Brooklyn GOP is guilty of.

To name a local club after TR, a President who was essentially a corporatist, is unprincipled, ignorant, and ill educated. It's really hard to call yourself a Republican after praising someone like Theodore Roosevelt, cousin of the most socialist President in this nation's history, FDR.

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