Sunday, June 13, 2010

"Son of Liberty" Roy Antoun Punches Deep Blow in Establishment Regime

We have covered Revolutionary Roy Antoun before; however, he has blown us away with his latest move supporting a fellow blog, "Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn." I think it's pure genius. His article is below:

The Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn blog has been the leading dissenter in the front lines combating the neoconservative Brooklyn GOP establishment. I don’t write for the blog, but I most certainly do support their efforts in pushing for smaller, limited, and transparent government. And I know clearly that the bloggers on this website understand that cannot be done with the Democratic Party in New York. But the sad part is, it can’t be done with the Republican Party in Brooklyn either.

For many Brooklynites, lower taxes and less government intrusion on their private lives are a far cry from what we currently have. The Brooklyn Republican Party, which is supposed to be the party of smaller government, is defunct. No one knows where the money goes and election results clearly show that. And does the party chairman even bother to support principled candidates? In the words of John Boehner, “Hell no!” Did he help my good friend, Jonathan Judge, in his campaign for City Council? Hell No. Is he as clueless about Ayn Rand’s philosophy as the rest of the twits running the party? Hell yes.
I’ve been attacked repetitively by the party establishment for thinking differently. I’ve been attacked because when I say I believe in small government, I really believe in small government. When I want an unnecessary war to end because it’s costing we, the tax payers, a ton of money, it means I want true peace. When I say government is the biggest proponent of corporatism and monopolies, I mean government truly is the biggest proponent of corporatism and monopolies. But what has the establishment done? They have praised big-government “republicans” like Scott Brown, and democrats in Brooklyn. They have outlandishly declared themselves as “Hate Bloggers” and engaged in racist dialog about Arabs living in Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights. The last time I heard a political party outwardly profess hate in the public, we had the holocaust and National Socialism, which isn’t too far off from how the party actually operates in its exclusivity to its members.
So, in lieu of this little Revolution, I give my full support to whoever is running “Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn.” I shrug with you.

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